Marine provisioning

Paramaribo Cargo is specialized in the supplying of ships. The shipping company places the order and we bring the goods at the designated time to any registered harbor or industrial quay in Suriname. That way the company’s vessels can leave on time.


The dynamics in the maritime sector are increasing day by day. The waiting time in the harbor is increasing and are sometimes unpredictable. Through fast switching with our group of suppliers and being flexible to our customers, Paramaribo Cargo can meet any challenge. We ensure that your ship departs with the ordered goods.

We are continuously in close contact with the port authorities and shipping agents about arrival and departure of vessels. Is the arrival of a ship later than planned? No problem. We simply adapt our delivery schedule.

Quality, safety and on time delivery are the most important elements of our service, at competitive rates of course. Paramaribo Cargo works with a set of standard rates, but you can also opt for a long-term service agreement with us.

Paramaribo Cargo believes in transparency. If you need a status update upon your orders, we will provide one. We offer you the clarity and transparency your business requires.

(Sealed) delivery

Supplying ships is a different ball game but we love to play it. Our experienced drivers know every road and they are familiar on any quay at the ports in Suriname. Therefore we can ensure a safe and sound delivery. If you have a special order which must be delivered sealed on board, we can provide this. Our vehicles are equipped to deliver sealed goods. Marine provisioning of Paramaribo Cargo is in fact quite simple: you place the order and we do the rest. We know the latest regulations, so even a sealed delivery there will be no problems with customs.