Are you looking for a freight forwarder who does more than just shipping? A company who is your partner in every step of the supply chain. Paramaribo Cargo is the logistic provider you are looking for. We do local and international transport, shipping, custom clearance, insuring cargo, etc. Paramaribo Cargo offers you complete logistic services at competitive rates.

The whole supply chain

Paramaribo Cargo can help you bring in your goods quickly saving you time and money. We find you the most suitable international shipping companies and / or air cargo carriers and bring all documents in order. If you need transport, we’ll provide it. We have a solution for every challenge anywhere in the supply chain.

Sea freight

At Paramaribo Cargo you can book both a full container loads (FCL) as less than container load (LCL). We are also specialized in project cargo. An example of project cargo is the importing of an aircraft for domestic use. Paramaribo Cargo took care of the entire logistics process till the delivery at airport Zorg en Hoop. In addition to standard type containers Paramaribo Cargo ship specialized loads such as refrigerated containers (reefers) and break bulk cargoes (flat racks).

Containers (standard)

Type of containerInterior dimensionsDoor opening (sizes)Top opening (sizes)Tare weightCubic capacityPayload

40′ High cube Container

L:12.056m 39′ 6 ½
W:2.347m 7′ 8 ¼
H:2.684m 8′ 5½

W:2.340m 7’8
H:2.585m 8′ 5 ¾

2,900 kg
6,393 lbs

76.0 cbm.
2,684 cu. ft.

29,600 kg
62,256 lbs.

40′ Dry ContainerL:12.051m 39′ 6 ½”
W:2.340m 7′ 8″
H:2.380m 7′ 9½”

W:2.286m 7′ 6″
H:2.278m 7′ 5 ½”

3,084 kg
6,799 lbs

67.3 cbm.
2,377 cu. ft.

27,397 kg
60,401 lbs.

20′ Dry Container

L:5.919m 19′ 5″
W:2.340m 7′ 8″
H:2.380m 7′ 9 ½”

W:2.286m 7′ 6″
H:2.278m 7′ 5 ½”

1,900 kg
4,189 lbs

33.0 cbm
1,116 cu. ft.

22,100 kg
48,721 lbs

20′ Open Top Container

L:5.919m 19′ 5″
W:2.340m 7′ 8″
H:2.286m 7′ 6″

W:2.286m 7′ 6″
H:2.251m 7′ 4 ½”

L:5.425m 17′ 9 ½”
W:2.222m 7′ 3 ½”

2,174 kg
4,793 lbs

31.6 cbm.
1.116 cu. ft.

21,826 kg
48,117 lbs

40′ Open Top Container

L:12.403m 39′ 6″
W:2.338m 7′ 8″
H:2.272m 7′ 5¼”

W:2.279m 7′ 5 ½”
H:2.272m 7′ 5 ¼”

L:11.585m 38″
W:2.162m 7′ 1″

4,300 kg
9,480 lbs.

64.0 cbm
2,260 cu. ft.

25,181 kg
57,720 lbs

20′ Flat Rack Container

L:5.702m 18′ 8 ½”
W:2.438m 8′
H:2.327m 7′ 7½”

2,330 kg
5,137 lbs.

28,390 kg
47,773 lbs.

40′ Flat Rack Container

L:11.820m 38′ 9 ¼”
W:2.184m 7 ½”
H:2.095m 6′ 10½”

5,260 kg
11,596 lbs.

25,220 kg
55,600 lbs

Air freight

Paramaribo Cargo ship your cargo to the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport from every direct destination to Suriname: Amsterdam, (Nederland), Aruba (Aruba), Barbados (Barbados), Belém (Brazil), Cayenne (French-Guyana), Curacao (Curaçao), Georgetown (Guyana), Miami (USA), Orlando (USA) en Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago), etc.

Do you have a shipment from another part of the world? Let us find the fastest and affordable route and carrier.

We ship several type of goods and products by air, like for example:


If you want to ship cargo by air you need to keep the following guidelines in mind:

Send us an e-mail and we will arrange everything for you (including the permit from the Suriname government). 

Contact our friendly staff and we will get your goods in the air, whether they are common or rare, we do it with flair.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are objects or substances which are a hazard or could be a hazard for health, safety, environment or property when transported by air. Hazardous goods can only be transported in an aircraft in accordance with the requirements of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) and with the written consent of the local authority. Each airline has its own policies for the transport of dangerous goods, which are directly derived from the DGR. Unless stated and specified otherwise in the guidelines of the airlines, the IATA Directive (DGR) is in effect. If you have any questions, please contact our staff.