Paramaribo Cargo is your partner for shipping goods to and from Suriname. We offer more than just freight forwarding. We support you with the full logistic package to get your cargo safely, at the designated time and at a competitive price to your required destination. Do you have small packages that need to be at their destination fast? Use our international courier service because it is quick, simple, and complete! The international courier service includes pick-up, customs clearance, and delivery. Paramaribo Cargo is also specialized in marine provisioning. Send us your list of goods and we will provide your shipment. We guarantee high quality, good service and integrity.

Freight Forwarding

If you want to ship goods to Suriname or you want to export cargo from Suriname, Paramaribo Cargo knows how to fulfill your logistic needs. Our experienced staff will guide your cargo every step of the way to your required destination. Paramaribo Cargo is the next level in Freight forwarding.

International Courier Services

Paramaribo Cargo is specialized in International Courier service. We transport your shipment fast, safe and secure to your destination without you worrying about custom declarations, etc. We deliver safe and sound.

Marine Provisioning

Marine provisioning? By simply being flexible and acting swiftly, our friendly staff can handle any challenge and we make sure that your ship leaves with all the ordered goods.